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Posts tagged ‘intellectual property’

  • Interesting developments in the printer ink market in Japan. Everyone who owns an inkjet printer knows the extortionate cost of new ink carts. In fact, the manufacturers often make a loss on the printer itself purely to hook consumers into a lifetime of purchasing their heavily over-priced ink. However, everyone who owns an inkjet printer knows […]

  • Canon blows generic ink away on 2011-02-10
  • All ex-pats become homesick at some point. The best remedy for homesickness is watching a bit of homeland TV. When I lived in Japan, watching Premier League football did it for me. For my wife, it’s Japanese dramas. In the past, VHS tapes or DVDs of these dramas would be passed from home to home […]

  • RokuRaku rocked by court ruling on 2011-02-03