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Archive for January, 2011

  • I wanted to translate this article dated 19th January on 弁護士の良心 (translation “The conscience of a lawyer”) written by a criminal lawyer in Japan called Eishi Suzuki.  Here is the translation: “This happened yesterday at court. The defendant I was representing was being indicted on charges of stealing a pot noodle worth ¥105 (75p) from […]

  • 3 years for stealing a pot noodle on 2011-01-20
  • Unlike in England where employers must apply the same minimum wage (£5.93 for over 21s) regardless of whether their employees work in London or Manchester, in Japan different rates apply dependent on region as well as business sector. For example, a factory worker in Tokyo must receive ¥821 per hour as a minimum whereas somebody […]

  • Japan’s minimum wage on 2011-01-07